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Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall

Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall training and certification is a gold standard to authenticate your skills to install, configure and implement the Palo Alto Network Firewall. This niche certification and training helps you specialize in configuring, installing, and administer the Palo Alto Networks firewall and master the process to configure VPN and High Availability.

This Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall training also expertly explains the steps to configure Palo Alto network firewall, logging and reporting features of PAN-OS, security, VPN and HA. This all extensive certification is valued highly worldwide for its industry leading curriculum and practical implementation.

Course Objectives

This Palo Alto Administration focuses to explain:

  • Introduction to Palo Alto Network Firewalls
  • Management and administration of network firewalls and understanding to use GUI and CLI
  • Interface configuration with VLAN objects and more
  • Layer 3 configurations and DHCP
  • Defining and implementing security policy
  • NAT and policy configuration
  • Reports and logging and much more

Target Audience

The Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall training program is the best fit to enhance the competencies of:

  • Security engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Support staff