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Wireshark Network Analysis Training

Wireshark is a leading network analyzer tool widely used worldwide for troubleshooting the networks, analysis, communications protocol development, software development and in education.

The Wireshark Certified Network Analysistraining instills expertise to perform network analysis for evaluating the security and performance across enterprise environment. This certification and training course helps you gain deep insights of the techniques and methodologies to help you quickly identify the performance issues. This lab- intensive training and certification course includesaround 49 case studies that help you get acquainted with diverse security and performance issues that companies encounter and resolve by using Wireshark.

Course Objectives

This Wireshark Network Analysis training targets to help you get proficient in:

  • Network analysis and Wireshark essentials
  • Capture network traffic and route analysis
  • Capture filters and connection attempts
  • Global and personal configurations
  • Traffic and analysis at various protocol layers
  • Using Wireshark’s Expert System

Target Audience

The Wireshark Network Analysis course is ideally meant for:

  • IT students intending to master the TCP
  • Network engineers seeking to up skill on troubleshooting
  • Computer professionals and advanced users
  • IT engineers
  • Aspiring network engineers