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CLPI Training & Certification Courses

Certified Lead Privacy Implementer (CLPI) is an extensive certification course that empowers you with essential competencies to implement and manage an ISO 29100 based Privacy Framework. The certification has been exclusively designed to focus on delivering an understanding of the Generally Accepted Privacy principles. The CLPI is a reputed certification and training program from PECB that instils an in-depth understanding of designing, building and leading the privacy programs of the organizations adhering to business-specific ICT systems, business processes and services by applying the best practices. This certification demonstrates an intuitive privacy framework explaining the common privacy terminology along with the actors and their corresponding roles to process the personally identifiable information (PII), considerations for privacy safeguarding and expertly explains widely used privacy principles in the information technology domain. The Certified Lead Privacy Implementer course builds privacy frameworks to support organizations in maintaining compliance with various privacy directives and global regulations

Course Objectives

CLPI certification exam aims to instill and then validate your privacy framework understanding on:

  • ISO/IEC 29100 and Introduction to the Privacy Framework
  • Planning a Privacy Framework
  • Implementing a Privacy Framework
  • Monitoring, Measuring, Improvement and Evaluation of a Privacy Framework

Course Objectives

Target Audience

  • Project managers and consultants accountable to implement and manage the Privacy Framework
  • Security auditors intending to learn about the process of implementing Privacy Framework
  • IT security management working professionals chasing the Privacy Management Framework certification credentials
  • Privacy Officers and Compliance professionals
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Information security professionals
  • IT expert advisors


To become PECB Certified Lead Privacy Implementer Provisional, you need to take the following rigorous exam:

  • Certification Name : PECB Certified Lead Privacy Implementer
  • Test Format : Short and long questions
  • Number of Questions : 12
  • Test Duration : 3 Hours
  • Passing Score : 70%