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Cloud Developer:

Professional Cloud Developer is an all-round Google cloud training and certification program that assesses the capability of candidates to develop robust, scalable and highly available cloud applications by employing Google recommended practices and tools. The candidate is trained to develop applications leveraging fully-managed cloud services. This training focuses to demonstrate how to work with next generation databases, advanced developer tools and cloud runtime environments. The certification course also imbibes proficiency to code in at least one general purpose programming language and use Stack driver for generating useful metrics and logs that help debugging and tracing the application code.

Course Objectives:

  • Designing highly available, reliable and scalable cloud-native applications
  • Developing and testing cloud applications
  • Deploying cloud-native applications
  • Integrating the services of Google Cloud Platform to existing applications
  • Managing the performance monitoring of cloud applications

Exam Information:

  • Certification Name : Professional Cloud Developer
  • Test Format : Multiple choice
  • Test Duration : 2 hours
  • Passing Score : Confidential