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IBM Security QRadar SIEM - CCSE :

QRadar Training will help you to enhance your knowledge in the IBM QRadar SIEM solution. During this course, a holistic view of the basic concepts of QRadar and its architecture is given so that participants can better understand the workings of the SIEM solution. Our IBM Qradar SIEM Online Training tries to give you an admin perspective of the course which will help you keep your environment up to date as SOC admin.

Course Objectives

IBM QRadar SIEM Foundations

  • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM QRadar
  • Unit 2: IBM QRadar SIEM component architecture and data flows
  • Unit 3: Using the QRadar SIEM User Interface
  • Unit 4: Investigating an Offense Triggered by Events
  • Unit 5: Investigating the Events of an Offense
  • Unit 6: Using Asset Profiles to Investigate Offenses
  • Unit 7: Investigating an Offense Triggered by Flows
  • Unit 8: Using Rules
  • Unit 9: Using the Network Hierarchy
  • Unit 10: Index and Aggregated Data Management
  • Unit 11: Using the QRadar SIEM Dashboard
  • Unit 12: Creating Reports
  • Unit 13: Using Filters
  • Unit 14: Using the Ariel Query Language (AQL) for Advanced Searches
  • Unit 15: Analyzing a Real-World Large-Scale Attack