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Cyber Secure Coder :

The revolutionary digitization of businesses has drastically accelerated the design and development of applications that enable companies to serve their customers better with more agility. To address soaring need of round the clock connectivity and availability to the customers, organizations invest hugely in developing or getting these applications developed. But defending these applications and the collected data is the primary concern and is the most tedious task. Cyber Secure Coder certification validates in-depth understanding and competency of the developers in designing and developing highly secure applications irrespective of the coding language or the platform to be used for deploying such applications. This extensive training program certifies the technical know-how, practical skills and competencies of the candidate to design and develop diverse applications for varied platforms. Candidates also gain detailed understanding to analyze various security concerns of an array of programming languages and platforms, to employ effective testing and analysis tools, and to mitigate common data and system threats.

Course Objectives

  • Identifying the security needs in software projects
  • Finding and addressing vulnerabilities
  • Devising security designs
  • Development of secure code
  • Using commonly used protections to the software
  • Evaluating and testing the security of software projects
  • Security maintenance in deployed software

Exam Information:

  • Certification Name : Cyber Secure Coder
  • Test Format : Multiple choice
  • Number of Questions : 60
  • Test Duration : 150 minutes